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The Concept

Feadship was looking for a new way of showcasing events in an app, including relevant information while taking advantage of the connected net. The concept was to remain simple letting the content do the talking, while sticking to simple slides and fade ins to animate the app. Inspiration to the design was drawn with the need to have the design simpley encoded for a CMS so Feadship can handle uploading still content or video content. I love working with development and clients alike to focus on each others requirements, this sketch was a ‘napkin’ sketch of a session to isolate the MVP for prototype.



With an original concept, came original iconography for the app. Icons that have history as nautical representation, chart references, anchors and sea elements.

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Fathom Chart
(Days Until) Icon
Details Icon
Back Icon

The Concept


01 Loading Screen

Being a events App I wanted the intro loading to be fun and a perk owners get to enjoy throughout the year – fireworks on their yachts. Your own private show, in your private yacht, filled with friends and loved ones.


02 Quote Intro Screen

This is the quote screen, used to promote brand messaging – evoking different tones throughout the seasons. As well as a quick overview of the amount of events currently planned.


03 Video landing screen

Start the app with either video or static image using tweens to simulate video to attract attention. The entire design is based on vertical scroll.


04 Slide mechanism

Content management while using simple user interaction was the name of the game. Scrolling covers or uncovers detailed information while pushing titles and main information away.


05 Sub Menu

Sub menu selection of Event locations going from list view or map view. As well as menu interaction and simple tweens to display content.


06 Detail Events Page

Detail page with main information can be displayed per event. Days till event, sub content based on per day can be displayed with location, sub details, times, direct communication with the event, add to your calander and view ticket.


07 View Ticket and Save Event

Using the app you can have live updated ticket scanning technology to allow access to exclusive events. Liking an event alsos design to showcase as a higher priority.


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