Feadship.nl Branding, responsive website design and development

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The Concept

Feadship wanted to promote the quality, craft and design that go into every yacht. Why each Feadship takes up to five years to finish, and why Feadship is considered the best superyacht builder in the world. Feadship wanted to tell their story on a digital platfrom, allowing potencial buyers to discover who, what and why they should choose Feadship.
Branding was developed to unify communication internally and externally. A new simplified, more compact secondary logo was designed for Feadship, Artworks were created and Brand codes were established to unify communication.

The Icon


The icon was designed to be the Feadship quality assurance seal for their yachts. Hidden ontop of flag poles, or below the waters on their propellers, a secret to only the owners and to Feadship.

The icon is a secondary logo when medium level of branding is required and to reduce repetition.



Feadship commisioned line artworks to mail owners a Merry Christmas. Yachts were turned into stamps, round knots into stickers and the artwork on the right sealed to the packages. Knotworks that comemberate Feadships heritage to building yachts and the seas where they anchor.



Website ReDesign

The website for Feadship was designed to be a media channel, where content could be shared about the meticulous detail and care that goes into each one of the few yachts created every 3 to 5 years. Feadship.nl was designed to contain, index and organize chapters of large amount of media while being responsive from mobile to 4k screens.


Feadship.nl was designed with the same ideals of Feadship, custom built from the group up. Content was abundant so alot of effort went into the UX of navigation through chapters and subchapters. As well as UI elements that express Feadships brandcodes.

2013 Monaco boatshow Interactive display

At the Monaco boat show in 2013, Feadship presented Relativity; a concept superyacht designed for Albert Einstein if were still alive. During the boatshow a touch interactive display was created to allow users the ability to explore deeper into the design, explore 3D model of the vessel, and to understand more about the man himself.


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