pencil+ The last tool your pencil will ever need.

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The Concept

To increase the use of wooden pencils productivity to ensure that a sharpener, an eraser, an extender are never out of reach while ditching the need to carry it all in a case. The original conception of the pencil+ happened after a night of illustrating and the unabliltiy to find an eraser for my pencil. Which lead me on a journey to solve the problems associated with wooden pencils by creating the first multitool for pencils.

Original Sketch 2014adas
Sharpener Detail Sketch

The 'Alpha' Prototypes

The early stages of the pencil+ started at the wood shop at KABK in Den Haag, The Netherlands.
Learning to bore and create hollow wooden tubes using new techniques after learning from failed attempts.
Use of hardwood was prefered as it would survive the tubing process.



Final Trials

  • Ebony

    Was selected because of its known density, strength and toughness known to dull equipment over time.

  • Redwood

    Was selected based on visual appearance and strength of wood.

  • Teak

    Was selected as an economic solution as a hardwood, light and the softness was tolerable.

  • African Padauk
    Picked for optimal strength and density of wood as well for its visual unique appearance.

  • Wild Olive
    Was selected as another economy sourced hardwood, for ideal strength and wood density. Also has a very unique grain unlike the other candidates.

The 'Beta' pencil+

I wanted the pencil+ to last a life time and to be as fully sustainable as possible. So when your sharpeners blade is dull after extended use, you will be able to replace it indefinatly.


2015 BraunPrize Shortlist

During the 19th edition of the BraunPrize, the Pencil+ was selected to be shortlisted along with 29 other projects out of 2510 enteries. The BraunPrize happens every 4-5 years and this year they were looking for fewer better solutions that contribute to our lives, that appear obvious and even extraordinary in hindsight. The Pencil+ was exhibited at the Braun worldwide headquarters in Kronburg, Germany on September 30th.

I had the opportunity to show and share my project with Dieter Rams in person, he personally told me it was a good idea during the BraunPrize 2015 at Braun international headquarters when he inspected the pencil+.

The Pencil+ was selected by 5 jury memebers: Oliver Grabes, Vivian Wai Kwan Cheng, Heather Martin, Benjamin Hubert and Stefan Schamberg.




Display packaging was just as important as the pencil+,
designed like the pencil+ to be recyclable.

Final packaging design. Magnetic cork pencil stand, snugly secured to your glass tube with frosted branding. Delivery packaging is a 5mm corrugated cardboard box, with wood shavings for insulation.


Web Design

I wanted to create a website that showcased the complete features of the pencil+ and allow the story to unfold. I wanted the design to stand out, while being simple as possible. 3D would be the best medium to have the controlled sequences I wanted. The below is the final storyboard that the final renders were created from.


Final webdesign showcase the final design for the pencil+, Kickstarter launching by the end of August 2017. Received and honorable mention on AWWWARDS waiting to hear about the site of the month, fingers crossed.
Please sign up at if you’d like to be first to know when exactly the launch is going to happen.


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